Tire Services

At Midlantic Machinery, we’re pleased to offer a variety of services for any rubber tired piece of equipment in your fleet. We understand that having these options available increases your machines flexibility and can eliminate downtime and save you money.

Primary applications: Wheel loaders; off-high ways trucks, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, rubber tired machines.

Foam Fill

Fixing flat tires can a full time job. We can assist in having your machines tires filled with a high density urethane foam fill that is second to none in quality and durability. Give yourself peace of mind and never worry about or fix a flat tire again. Same week pick and delivery service is included at no additional cost.

Solid Tires

Solid tires are available as an alternative to foam fill. These tires are built for the harshest applications and can really take a beating. Solid tires offer advantages such as greater stability, higher traction and greater protection from side impact damage. They help keep your machines running round the clock.

Calcium Fill

Filling your tires with calcium chloride is a quick, simple and economical way to add weight to your machine and increase traction while reducing slippage and tire wear. This method works well with either tube type or tubeless tires as long as they are kept inflated properly. Calcium fill is a great temporary solution for any application.