Excavator Thumbs

Midlantic Machinery supplies hydraulic or manual thumbs which can make any job easier. Whatever your application, you can have confidence that when you buy a thumb from us, you’re buying one of the finest pieces our industry has to offer.

Primary applications: Material handling; grappling, lifting or dragging.


The Geith Universal Thumbs provide an efficient and affordable solution to the problems of handling and loading tree stumps, brush, rocks, pipes and other awkwardly shapes items. The Geith Thumb will increase the versatility of an excavator by providing regular digging ability and performance while also offering material handling capabilities. The thumb works as an aid for an excavator bucket where the bucket is used to dig as normal and pull the materials and the thumb then used for holding this material in place while moving it from the site. View Geith thumbs.


Rockland has been building thumbs for many years, and all models of Rockland thumbs represent years of field experience and contractor comments. You may find thumbs that are lighter and cheaper or heavier and more expensive but you simply cannot buy a better thumb than a Rockland thumb - at any price. View Rockland thumbs.

Looking for Something Specific?

In addition to the lines described above we have access to almost every manufacturer in the market today. Give us a call with your special request and we’ll be happy to quote and source something specifically for your machine. Make a request here.