The preliminary work is done. Seismic testing indicates a hotspot and high probability that the rock 6,000 feet below contains an abundance of natural gas. Gas and mineral rights to the well site have been obtained. The drill team is getting primed.

Midlantic Machinery is happy to assist with any safe and environmentally responsible effort to extract clean-burning, job-creating natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region in Eastern Pennsylvania. We do this by providing world class equipment and tools at competitive prices with superior support. View equipment specs.

The Midlantic Advantage

Tools: Power. Performance. Reliability. We’ve partnered with industry leading suppliers of the toughest, most rugged equipment in the world. Komatsu,  Stanley-LaBounty. Simply the best.

Team: Our people know what they’re talking about. Our service support is second to none and our parts department will go the extra mile to get you where you need to be.

Resources: We’re big and have a lot of options at our disposal. We’ll make sure you get the attention you need and we’ll leave no stone unturned when working through a custom solution for you.


From the initial stages of exploration and drilling… through well casing and fracturing… to pipe laying and site restoration, Midlantic Machinery can provide high quality, rugged, dependable equipment for every stage of your project.

Tough Tools to Support Natural Gas Extraction

Earth Moving Land Clearing Contouring
Pad Construction Gas Plant Stations Compressor Stations
Load & Carry Impoundment Construction Site Maintenance
Road Repair Pipeline Installation Erosion Control


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