High Performance meets Environment Friendly

Continuing its commitment to innovation and environmental focus, Komatsu has introduced the second Generation Hybrid 20-ton excavator. Following 1,000,000 hours of operation with the first Generation Hybrid, the HB215LC-1 has been improved to continue reducing fuel consumption and emissions. 

How the Hybrid Works: The hybrid uses an electric swing motor instead of a hydraulic motor. During swing braking, the electric motor generates electricity and stores it for later use. 

Introductory Rate Available!

*The HB215LC-1 is available to qualified buyers for an incredible rate of 0% for 60 months! Contact your sales representative for more details.

25% Fuel Savings on Average

How the Hybrid Saves Fuel: The HB215LC-1 uses advanced technology to reduce fuel consumption. The Hybrid system accounts for the majority of the total fuel savings. Other features such as Low Speed Matching & ultra-low engine idle account for the remainder of the fuel savings.

  • Low Speed Matching = Engine speed & fuel management
  • Hybrid System = Swing motor, capicitor & generator motor

Low Speed Matching:
Low speed matching is a highly efficient matching technique between the engine and the hydraulic system.

Low speed matching uses advanced control logic to match hydraulic pump operation at the most efficient engine speed.

This increases engine speed from the 700 rpm ultra-low idle as the hydraulic demand increases. This system is complemented by the Hybrid power up assistance provided by the generator motor using energy from the ultra capacitor.

Fuel consumption is therefore reduced due to the available electrical power - up to 60 additional HP is provided by the Hybrid system depending on demand.

Hybrid System:
There are three main components:

1. Electric Swing Motor
COMPONENT: The electric swing motor is used in place of the hydraulic swing motor used in conventional excavators.
FUNCTION: The swing motor uses electricity to swing. During swing braking, the swing motor generates electricity and stores it in the Ultra-capacitor.

2. Ultra-capacitor
COMPONENT: An Ultra-capacitor is similar to a battery in that they both store electricity. A battery uses chemical reactions to capture and release electricity slowly; an ultra-capacitor instantaneously captures and releases electricity which is better suited for construction equipment.
Part of the capacitor assembly is the inverter. Electricity from the swing motor and generator motor arrives as Alternating Current (AC) and is stored as Direct Current (DC) in the ultra-capacitor.
FUNCTION: The ultra-capacitor captures electricity generated from swing braking then releases the electricity to the swing and generator motors.

3. Generator Motor
COMPONENT: The generator motor is positioned between the engine and the hydraulic pumps. It has two functions in the hybrid system.
FUNCTION: The generator motor provides power up engine assistance using electrical power from the capacitor.
The generator motor initiates the electrical charge in the ultra-capacitor. It also monitors and maintains the upper level of the ultra-capacitor charge.

Hybrid Component Warranty:
Protect your investment: Hybrid Powertrain Extended Warranty for 5 years/ 7,000 hours. Warranty covers the main hybrid components.

For more information, please visit www.komatsuamerica.com/hybrid then contact your local territory sales manager.

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