Are you looking for ways to reduce your operating costs? The easiest and most effective way is to reduce your fuel consumption, but how can this be done? Here are four easy steps that will help you maximize your fleet efficiency and make a big impact to your bottom line.

Easy Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption

1. When High Power is not Required, Operate in Economy Mode
Komatsu equipment offers a number of working modes to match performance to the application. While most operators prefer to operate in Power mode, the reality is that Economy mode can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% on some models, equaling thousands of dollars in savings. In Komatsu’s Economy mode, engine rpm is only slightly reduced therefore, in light duty applications, an operator will be able to achieve very close cycle times in P mode and E Mode.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Engine Idling
One of the simplest ways to reduce fuel consumption is to limit the amount of time that a machine is idling. Even though the fuel consumption rate is low at idle, this cost can add up over time and across multiple units. A big savings can be achieved by switching off a machine instead of letting it idle.

3. Optimize the Loading Position
Depending on the application, it’s possible to reduce fuel consumption by changing the method in which trucks are loaded. For example, by reducing the angle that an excavator has to swing to load a truck, the operator is demanding less hydraulic flow. By reducing flow and decreasing the power demand on the machine, fuel consumption can be reduced.

4. Use KOMTRAX to Reduce Fuel Consumption
KOMTRAX is a fleet management tool that enables you to maximize your fleet efficiency. On Komatsu excavators, KOMTRAX identifies machine utilization, operational activities, working mode breakdown, fuel consumption, and load factors. This information can be used to identify where operational improvements can be implemented.